About Me

Paige Yoga-10

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi

I wish to be part of and ignite change in others through the practice of yoga. My dream is for everyone to find their inner peace and strength. It is only once we have found our true self that we can offer it out into the world and create positive change.

I have practiced Yoga for nearly 15 years as a form of exercise, stress relief, and a way to manage through anxiety. It was after the birth of my twin boys, bringing my total to four sons, that I felt a loss of identity. It was yoga that helped me find myself again. What once was more of a physical practice became a mental and spiritual journey that inspired me to earn my 200 HR from Prairie Yoga Institute. My passion for yoga has continued to grow, leading me to become certified in Aerial Yoga, Yoga for Children and Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs.

My goal is to use various forms of yoga so that everyone can experience the benefits it has to offer.